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Tiny Voice Tuesday Tag Team #TVTTagTeam

Every Tuesday, I sit on Twitter retweeting questions from the tiny voices and tagging people who I think may be able to help with them. Doing this is hard – will these people want to be tagged? Will they be offended? Will they think feel pressured?

Inspired by this week’s  #TinyVoiceTuesday I decided to pose a question of my own –


The response was wonderful!

We now have a new community supporting the tinies and they are the #TVTTagTeam. I am hoping (although they don’t know this yet) that they will put #TVTTagTeam on their profile – I wonder who will do it first?!

I am currently busy creating an excel spreadsheet named after the hashtag with all the educators I can tag for the different areas. I am lacking educators in some areas, so if you want to be included in the #TVTTagTeam please let me know and make sure you state what you are happy to be tagged for. There would be nothing worse that tagging a secondary specialist in an Early Years tweet and vice versa. Either do this under the #TVTTagTeam thread or DM me.

I am so proud that #TinyVoiceTuesday gets stronger every week and the voices of the shyer, tinier and less well-known educators are heard more. I am hoping that the #TVTTagTeam will help the tinies to shout!

By the by, I will be joining @ICTEvangelist live this Thursday at 9pm to be questioned about EdTech and  #TinyVoiceTuesday so please please join me.

I will also be promoting  #TinyVoiceTuesday on @TheTalkingTeac1 – please listen in and support!

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