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#BrewEdFindYourVoice – Post 5

What is it? #BrewEdFindYourVoice

When is it? Saturday 29th August!

How do you access it? Click on my pinned tweet@toriaclaire – at 9am that day!

Still confused? #BrewEdFindYourVoice will be a day filled with inspirational presentations and fabulous discussions that will get you ready for the coming year – you really don’t want to miss out on it.

As part of the day, we are going to have a panel discussion. Over the last few years, words such as representation, diversity, equity and inclusion have been used more and more in education, but are the words being lived? Our panel discussion is:

‘What does representation look like in education?’

and my hope is, that with the help of a fantastic panel, you will walk away equipped with a better understanding of what representation could and should look like in your classroom, your school and at events and conferences you attend. The discussion will be of interest to educators, leaders, governors and trustees.

Chairing the panel –

Raj Unsworth


Raj has extensive experience of governance in a range of settings and structures including maintained, single academies and Multi Academy Trusts. She particularly enjoys the challenge of working with leaders in schools in difficult circumstances. Which is why she joined a new board during the COVID-19 pandemic, and was elected Chair at the first meeting. She is also a specialist advisor to the @HeadsRoundtable group of HTs and CEOs.

Her professional background in HR, change management and business is often appreciated by boards. A people person who believes that every child has a right to a good education. That we must look after our staff and build good relationships with parents and communities.

The panel…

Dr Valerie Daniel


Dr. Valerie Daniel received her doctorate for a thesis entitled ‘The Perceptions of a Leadership Crisis in the Early Years Sector’. Valerie is a Head Teacher who has a deep interest in the dynamics of the current Early Years Sector and more widely in how crisis situations develop and how to effect change in these circumstances. She proposes that the current Black Lives Matter protests have all the hallmarks of a crisis that has deep roots in deeply dysfunctional public systems that do not value people equally, and rely on a divided nation remaining divided.

James Hodge


James Hodge is an English practitioner and ITT tutor. He is passionate about equality and representation in schools. After being bullied out of his sixth form as a student for being gay, he went back as a teacher and transformed it into a hub of equalities excellence. He helped launch the Brighton LGBT+ educators group with the NEU and now works with teachers to make their schools LGBT+ friendly. He tweets as @MrHodgeTeaches.

Dr Emma Kell


Emma has been teaching for two decades, mainly in inner-London secondary schools. In 2016, she completed my doctorate with Middlesex University on balancing teaching and parenthood and in January 2018, her book, How to Survive in Teaching, was published by Bloomsbury.

She is passionately loyal to our wonderful but vulnerable profession. Her heart is first and foremost in the classroom, and her writing and research is driven by the desire to give voice to both the broken and the successful members of our profession. Ultimately, her aim is to play her part to ensure that our young people – about whom this is all about – have people in front of them who are well-trained, who want to be there, and who are able to be humans as well as teachers.

Haris Shafi

Haris Shafi is a teacher of History and one of the pastoral leaders at an all boys, state-comprehensive secondary school in Luton. He has held various roles including Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Assistant Safeguarding Lead and is currently a Head of House. Over the past two years he has been a driving force behind his team in rewriting the History curriculum to make it more reflective of his school’s context. In his spare time, Haris enjoys reading, volunteering and more recently – cycling.

Have a look through the https://toriaclaire.wordpress.com/brewedfindyourvoice/ page to find out more about the day. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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