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A New Twitter Community Emerges

#TinyVoiceTuesday now has a substantial tag team following my call for help (Tiny Voice Tuesday Tag Team #TVTTagTeam). #TVTTagTeam currently consists of 220 educators who can answer questions on many subject areas from Early Years to Higher Education and on a variety of other matters including: teaching as a single parent; workload; metacognition; mental health; wellbeing and oh so many others!

So what does being part of #TVTTagTeam mean

When a Tiny Voice asks a question – (tagging me @toriaclaire alongside the hashtag #TinyVoiceTuesday), I will then take to my substantial spreadsheet and retweet the question – I will tag members of #TVTTagTeam linked to that specialist area. Naturally, the more people who respond to a question the better, but the tag team will ensure that a few people will start the ball rolling with answers.

This is the spreadsheet – it is so big it will only fit on the page when reduced to 10%. Thank goodness for filters!


Why have another hashtag?

Quite simply, by putting this hashtag on my profile or name,  it is a simple way for Twitter users to see that I am part of the #TVTTagTeam and therefore committed to supporting the tinies. It is like having a badge! Currently over 40 people have this hashtag on their profile and I really hope that this number grows.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has joined the tag team – you are part of such a special community which is committed to helping and supporting the tiny voices. The fact that many tiny voices are part of the tag team makes this all the more exciting! Your voices will be heard even more showing, quite simply, that the tinies are incredibly powerful and have a lot to say!



If you want to be part of  #TVTTagTeam then please message me with what your specialist areas are and follow me so that you can see my retweets and any tweets I put out about #TinyVoiceTuesday. With regards to subject areas needed, I am afraid that gin and jaffa cakes are already covered, but there are many secondary subjects that still need more support.


Can I ask everyone to let more people know about #TinyVoiceTuesday and #TinyVoiceTuesdayUnites and the new community that we are growing together. I think that many educators are still worried about Twitter being a place where their voice won’t be heard. Let them know that it will be! We have created an island for the tinies in the midst of a vast ocean.

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